Greek gastronomic specialities  – my passion

Ever since I was a child I was in the lap of delicious greek specialities, handmade by my family and only for home requirements. 

As long as I live I was delighted with the variety and the results of nice food, and so I carried on this fine tradition with new  ideas, special recipes and creations ……………….in a word: it was more than just a hobby!


Post-graduate in the field biologie I came to germany in 1996 and worked in several delicatessen shops to learn more operating details, to deepen my knowledge and to extend all experiences.


Any time later after careful deliberation I decided to start my own business  and so I began to produce all these specialities in my own delicatessen shop.


I take pride in the words: Really all productions are selfmade, with all my experience, only the best ingredients and passion for detail – and that`s  you can taste!


Today the power to fascinate for specialities and production is the same like on my first day , so I use all opportunity to be instrumental in production - and furthermore of course this way I have a lock on fulfilment of my high quality standards

So it is possible to offer top productions with my personal guarantee of quality and with the little but mighty different to carelessly productions in bulk.

Treat yourself/your customers for some fine food – I promise, you will love it!


Manager and owner